Monday, November 25, 2013

Is Kshama Sawant...

...the first officeholder to emerge from the Occupy Wall Street movement? According to a piece in Al Jazeera America (yes, Al Jazeera):

Kshama Sawant, Seattle's new socialist City Council member, bears little resemblance to the conventional image of a modern U.S. politician whose appearance and policies are often burnished by legions of advisers and focus groups.

A small, whip-smart Indian-American woman in faded jeans with a makeup-free face, she holds a Ph.D. in economics and was an early participant in the Occupy protest movement.
Sawant is not shy about her left-wing party affiliation — despite America's modern habit of reacting with extreme hostility to the word "socialism," which is freely demonized on the right and treated with extreme caution even in progressive circles.

Is Ms. Sawant just an outlier, like Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, or a harbinger?

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