Friday, November 29, 2013

Before we get to 8A, let's...

...have a look at today's games in Classes 1A through 4A.*

Beginning with 1A, I'm going to pick No. 6 Lena-Winslow (10-3) over No. 1 Tri-Valley (13-0). Why? Because the Panthers beat Leo last week, 45-22.

In 2A, I'll say No. 8 Staunton (9-4) tops No. 5 Newman Central Catholic (12-1). Why? Because the Bulldogs, after finishing 2012 at 4-5, entered the postseason this year at only 5-4. How can you not root for such a Cinderella team? 

In 3A it will be No. 5 Stillman Valley (11-2) over No. 3 St. Joseph-Ogden (11-2). Why? Two reasons. First of all, the Cardinals knocked off Aurora Christian, last year's 3A champ, in the semifinals. And, second, there's this (home team in CAPS):

2009: STILLMAN VALLEY 42, St. Joseph-Ogden 27
2008: Stillman Valley 44, ST. JOSEPH-OGDEN 25

And, yes, both Mike Lalor of Stillman Valley and Dick Duval of the Spartans were at the helm back then.
Finally, there's 4A. And I'm going to go with No. 4 Geneseo (12-1) over No. 2 Rochester (12-1). Why? Because the Maple Leafs crushed Phillips who had beaten previously undefeated Evergreen Park the week before. And that's good enough for me. (Although you do have to worry about those pass-happy Rockets.)

Now, what do all my picks have in common? They are all the lower seeds. And hence my fiendish plot to salvage my bracket score. Will it work? Probably not. Enjoy the games!

Bonus: St. Rita (11-2) over Simeon (9-4) in the Prep Bowl. If Marist had beaten Naperville Central last week, the Mustangs would have been the only team in the state to have defeated both 8A finalists.

* What's with the "A" anyway? Is that really necessary? Couldn't we just label the classes 1, 2, 3, etc.?

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