Friday, July 11, 2014

With all the head trauma...

...concern nowadays, is 7-on-7 the future for high school football?

John Keilman had a good piece on the growing phenomenon in the Trib yesterday, "High school football going year-round with 7-on-7 play" (my emphasis):

There are no running backs, no linemen, no tackling — just a quarterback winging the ball downfield as a squad of receivers tries to shake defenders who can end the play with a touch of their hands.

"Edgy Tim" O'Halloran, a veteran scout of Illinois prep football talent, said private 7-on-7 clubs likely have grown because the Illinois High School Association limits contact between high school coaches and players when the season is over.

So I asked Mr. Keilman, "Will 7-on-7 supplant traditional football in high school?"

"I asked about that idea," he responded, "but no one I spoke to saw that coming anytime soon."

Me neither. I'd rather watch traditional football any day of the week. There's a lot more to it. But which one would I rather see my kids play? That's another story.

Both of my sons are grown now, but if I had it to do all over again, I'm not so sure I would encourage either of them to play football after all I've heard about head trauma. Have the dangers been proven? No, not yet. And if one of my sons really wanted to play football I would let him. But I don't think I would encourage it.

50 days until kickoff.

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