Thursday, July 3, 2014

Congratulations to Miles Boykin...

...of Providence, who chose to attend Notre Dame next year. Like everyone else in Illinois, I've been following the 6'4", 220-pound Boykin since he was a sophomore and have no doubt he'll make a great Division I receiver.

But my question is and always has been, Why doesn't Providence coach Mark Coglianese put this kid at quarterback?

I remember the first time I saw Boykin play, against Loyola two years ago. I went to the game, among other reasons, to see the young phenom and came away thinking: I'm sure he's good, but they have trouble getting the ball to him.

Now it's no secret that the Celtics have struggled at quarterback in recent years, and I wasn't at all surprised when a guy close to the St. Rita program told me last year that Providence had really, really wanted Richards transfer Tommy Mister. Why not use Boykin there?

Someone who understands football a lot better than me (which is most people) once told me that the starting quarterback in high school is often the best athlete on the team (if not the whole school). And it makes sense to me. If I had a super-talented kid like Miles Boykin playing for me, I'd want to get the ball in his hands on every play. I don't care if he can pass or not, use him like St. Rita did Mister or like Bolingbrook did Aaron Bailey.

Providence is known for having massive offensive linemen; just give the ball to the biggest and fastest skill position player and see what happens.

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