Thursday, July 17, 2014

My friend Jamie from London...

...asked me the other day who would be the next U. S. president. I answered him the same way I answer everyone else: absent another recession, Hillary. (But I do have my doubts.)

This morning I read (all emphasis mine), "What Democrats always forget about Hillary: Hillary Clinton has the perfect résumé, but she's a terrible politician":

The Clintons' story last year was that she has learned from her mistakes. And maybe, after her gaffe-strewn book launch, she'll learn from them again. If she manages to keep challengers away in the Democratic primary, she'll also receive some cover for mistakes merely from the command she'll have of partisan energies by the time she faces an opponent. That'll help.

Clinton may have been masterly at State. But she's proven unable to master the hustings.

And it's true. As I told Jamie, Hillary would probably make a good president (maybe even a great president), but the problem is she's a horrible candidate. She just doesn't have the political instincts her husband or President Obama has and she has an inability to project authenticity, which I think is so important nowadays. Quick: Who came across as more genuine, Al Gore or George W. Bush? John Kerry or W.? Mitt Romney or Obama? If Hillary doesn't change (and that's not likely) she just might blow a can't-lose election.

Remind you of anyone?

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