Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now that I've gotten a look at the...'s bracket of the NCAA basketball tournament, I realize there are a number of schools in it that I've never heard of. Take Siena, for example. I always thought that was just a color. But I went to their web site and read a little bit about their program. There's a picture of a St. Bernard on it and I read that they started out calling themselves "the Golden Warriors. That proved too long for headlines, so soon Siena became the Indians. In March of 1989, they became the Saints." Hence the dog. Fair enough.

Reminds me a little of the University of Nebraska. Before they shortened it to Huskers, the teams were known as the Cornhuskers. Maybe this didn't sound scary enough. I don't know; I don't care for either one of them. But I do know that they are both an improvement over their previous nickname, the Bugeaters. I'm serious; you can look it up. Oh, and before that they were known as the Old Gold Knights, the Antelopes, and the Rattlesnake Boys.

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