Friday, January 30, 2009

If there was ever any doubt...

...that boring old white guys could be trend-setters, let the record show that it was this blog-- written mostly in the wee hours of the morning in a home bedroom/office in a sleepy suburb of Chicago by someone whom some might consider a madman--that inspired four other blogs. The latest of which is called Sprint on Go, written by some college kid in New Hampshire (don't they have anything better to do up there, like make sculptures out of all that snow?). Once again, BOWG has shown he has his fingertips on the pulse of America.

Tom, this means you're next. If I recall, you were the first reader of this blog and expressed an interest in creating one yourself. So where is it? How do you expect me to get my news about the goings on in Minnesota? Do you think I should trust the MSM for the straight dope on high school sports, for example? C'mon! I know you're busy analyzing junk bonds and what not, but the world wants to hear from you.

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