Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Will Mitt Romney be...

...the next Republican nominee for president? Will he be elected the first Mormon president in 2016? Is the third time a charm?

Not as far as Paddy Power is concerned. The Irish betting website has the former governor of Massachusetts a 12/1 long shot for the GOP nomination, ahead of Ted Cruz (14/1), but behind Rand Paul and Chris Christie (both 9/2), Marco Rubio (5/1), Jeb Bush (6/1), Paul Ryan (8/1) and Scott Walker (10/1). (And Walker may not even win his bid for reelection next month.)

Think those are long odds? Paddy Power has the Mittster tied at 25/1 with Paul Ryan in the general election, sandwiched between Elizabeth Warren (14/1) and Joe Biden (33/1).

Personally, I think Mittens has a better chance than that of getting the nomination, but, as my good friend Jamie has often reminded me, "Have you ever met a poor bookie?"

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