Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An open letter...

...from Ed McManus, a developmental disability consultant (my emphasis):
Dear Friend,
I know we are all being bombarded with campaign appeals.  Please take a moment to read this, which comes from my heart . . .
As we go to the polls on Nov. 4 to vote for governor, we should consider all the many issues facing Illinois.  For those of us who have kids with disabilities or work in the disability field, how our politicians stand on disability issues is of great importance.
We know where Pat Quinn stands.  He has been more supportive of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities than any Illinois governor -- ever.  The Arc of the United States gave him one of their top awards after he launched a project to shut down four of the eight big state-run DD institutions.  (Jacksonville Center has already closed, and the closure of Murray Center in Centralia has begun.) 
This is important for three chief reasons:  
--No one ought to have to live in an institution if the state can give them the opportunity to live in a real home in a real neighborhood.
--The cost of supporting a person in an institution is triple the cost in a CILA.
--Those savings can be used to get more people off our huge waiting list.
Unfortunately, we don't know where Bruce Rauner stands on disability issues.  Numerous advocate groups asked to meet with him but were rebuffed.  All we know about Rauner is one statement he made at a rally in Centralia in April.  He said if he is elected, "I am absolutely keeping Murray Center open."
(please consider forwarding this to your family and friends)

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