Friday, October 3, 2014

I'm afraid I'll only get to...

Providence running back Richie Warfield.
...catch the first half of tomorrow's Providence (5-0) at Loyola (4-1) game on my way to taking my brother back to the airport. (There was a death in my family this week and sometimes reality intrudes on my high school football watching. The nerve!)

But, to tell the truth, if my brother hadn't attended Loyola I'd probably be at the Oak Park and River Forest (5-0) at Glenbard West (5-0) game. Providence at Loyola will surely be a great contest, but the Huskies haven't beaten the Hitters since 2007 and I smell an upset.

Oh, well. Here's Providence's 2014 schedule again (home team in CAPS):

Providence 21, JOLIET CATHOLIC 10
PROVIDENCE 56, Minooka 13
PROVIDENCE 33, Mount Carmel 14
PROVIDENCE 37, Marmion 7
Providence 41, ST. RITA 27

And Loyola's:

Loyola 44, MARQUETTE (WI) 0
LOYOLA 29, Edwardsville 28 (OT)
BROTHER RICE 16,  Loyola 13
LOYOLA 42, Fenwick 0
Loyola 55, ST. IGNATIUS 13

For the last ten years, the Ramblers have had the edge in the series, 6-4:

2013: LOYOLA 28, Providence 16
2012: LOYOLA 41, Providence 21
2011: Loyola 32, PROVIDENCE 6
2010: Loyola 21, PROVIDENCE 7
2009: Providence 10, LOYOLA 3
2008: LOYOLA 13, Providence 0
2007: PROVIDENCE 20, Loyola 17
2006: LOYOLA 14, Providence 7
2005: PROVIDENCE 31, Loyola 29
2004: PROVIDENCE 29, Loyola 0

But tomorrow it's going to be all Providence, I think. I watched the Celtics beat St. Rita last week and they're definitely the best team I've seen in 2014. It should be a good game, but nobody's going to beat Providence in the regular season this year -- nobody.

(By the way, that kid Richie Warfield, above, is the most underrated player in Illinois; as Keith Jackson would have said, "And he's o-o-only a soph-o-more!")

OPRF quarterback Lloyd Yates.
As for that other game this weekend, in Glen Ellyn, OPRF has been perfect so far this year:

Oak Park 49, LINCOLN-WAY EAST 34
Oak Park 48, LEYDEN 14
OAK PARK 35, Proviso West 13
OAK PARK 49, York 8

(If you're keeping score at home, the Huskies have outscored their opponents, 216-72, and are averaging over 43 points a game. Wow.)

How about the Hilltoppers:

GLENBARD WEST 21, Wheaton Warrenville South 10
Glenbard West 42, MORTON 0
GLENBARD WEST 38, Downers Grove North 0
GLENBARD WEST 28, Lyons 14
Glenbard West 42, HINSDALE CENTRAL 7

Now, over the last ten years you'll notice that the series was much more competitive before that pesky Chad Hetlet showed up in 2007 to coach the Hitters:

2013: Glenbard West 20, OAK PARK 14
2012: GLENBARD WEST 49, Oak Park 0
2011: Glenbard West 41, OAK PARK 6
2010: GLENBARD WEST 42, Oak Park 0
2009: Glenbard West 31, OAK PARK 12
2008: GLENBARD WEST 54, Oak Park 14
2007: OAK PARK 35, Glenbard West 14
2006: Oak Park 26, GLENBARD WEST 14
2005: OAK PARK 16, Glenbard West 14
2004: GLENBARD WEST 28, Oak Park 7

And you'd be forgiven if you said that Glenbard West will have the advantage tomorrow at home. But I don't think the Hilltoppers have seen anyone quite like Huskie quarterback Lloyd Yates -- he's the best athlete I've seen this year. (Sorry, Dewayne Collins.)

So if OPRF's defense can rise to the occasion (admittedly a big IF) I think you just might see an upset in Glen Ellyn tomorrow. Hope for no lightning.

Enjoy the games!

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