Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I still think Providence...

...is the best football team I've seen this year. And, yes, I think they could beat undefeated Glenbard West; and, no, I can't believe they lost to Loyola (5-1).

Here's how I would rank -- under truth serum -- the rest of the twelve teams I've seen in 2014:

2. Glenbard West (6-0) 

Oh, all right, they ARE undefeated and they did beat Oak Park and River Forest.

3. (Tie) Brother Rice (5-1) and St. Rita (5-1)

Both teams beat Mount Carmel, Rice beat Loyola, but Rita defeated three winning teams. I've never seen such parity in the Catholic League Blue. Anyone could beat anyone.

5. Mount Carmel (2-4)

Carmel, for all its faults, is still better than the rest of the schools on this list. If they make it to the playoffs, they'll start 0-0 like everyone else.

6. Oak Park and River Forest (5-1)

Huskies beat Lincoln-Way East on the field.

7. Lincoln-Way East (5-1)

If there's an underrated team in the batch, it's the Griffins.

8. Nazareth (6-0)

Gotta bump these guys up. They sure seem for real.

9. (Tie) Carmel (4-2) and Phillips (5-1)

Yes, the Corsairs beat Phillips head-to-head, but the Wildcats have Dewayne Collins.

11. Wheaton Warrenville South (2-4)

Like Mount Carmel, if the Tigers make it to the postseason they'll be dangerous.

12. (Tie) St. Patrick (2-4) and Naperville North (2-4)

One more loss for either team and they'll be off my list. You have to be playoff-eligible to remain in my rankings.

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