Monday, October 27, 2014

Will Jeb Bush run for president... 2016? That's the subject of a front-page article in the Times today, "The Bushes, Led by W., Rally to Make Jeb ‘45’," by Peter Baker. 

Personally, I agree with David Brooks: Jeb just doesn't seem to have the requisite "fire in the belly." Besides, he doesn't poll well among Republicans. (Paddy Power, the Irish betting website, has the former governor of Florida in fourth place, at 6/1 odds, to win the GOP nomination.)

But the point of this post is to highlight a sentence buried near the end of Baker's piece (my emphasis):

“The Bush network is definitely there, and a lot of good feelings about both 41 and 43 and what they stood for — a lot of that translates to Jeb,” said Mark Langdale, former president of the George W. Bush Foundation who saw him in Dallas.

Good feelings for W.? Really? What exactly are those "good feelings" about, tax cuts for the rich? Record budget deficits? The financial crisis? 9/11? The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Torture? Katrina? What? Am I missing something, or did this guy have some accomplishments of which I'm not aware?

Jeb Bush in 2016? I'm with Barbara, "We've had enough Bushes."

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