Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Whenever I see a picture... the one above (in today's New York Times) I think to myself: Who are these people?

Every other week or so, there seems to be an issue in Washington that magically attracts a group of people who hold up signs in favor (or against) some bill or other.

Look at the people in the picture above. Do they look passionate to you about whatever it is they're demonstrating for (or against)? Did they make those signs in their basements, board some bus in Ohio and stand out in the cold to make a point? Or are they just professional demonstrators who live in the area, commute into the District and hold up whatever signs that some interest group handed to them that day? Are they out of work actors? Do they get paid? And how much, minimum wage or scale?

"Come on, it's been four hours now. Can we go home yet?"

"Hang on just a little longer. We're waiting for that photographer from the Times to get here..."

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