Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jane Holmes Dixon, the second...

...female bishop in the history of the Episcopal Church, died at age 75. She called her job the only one "where women dress like men who dress like women.” 

It's a good thing she had a sense of humor. Apparently, the Episcopal Church isn't quite as liberal as I had thought. From her obit (my emphasis on the years): 

In 1997, when Bishop Dixon was the assistant bishop of the diocese, she faced silent protests during visits to several conservative parishes that opposed the ordination of women as bishops. Altars were stripped of linens and candles, and prayer books were removed from the pews. 

As bishop pro tempore of the diocese in 2001 and 2002, she was denied entry to the sanctuary of a suburban church in Maryland when a parish rector refused to recognize her right, as a woman, to be a priest, much less a bishop. 

Are you kidding me? And I thought the Catholic Church was conservative.

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