Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Friars of Fenwick High School...

...will travel down to Dallas, Texas, in Week Two this year to play the -- wait, what? -- Friars of Bishop Lynch High School, above.

After Loyola played Dallas Jesuit last year in Dublin, Ireland, I thought, What's with all these Catholic League schools playing teams in Texas all of a sudden?

Well, apparently, there's more to it than that. Yesterday I noticed a piece in the Oak Leaves, "Texas' Bishop Lynch has historical ties with Fenwick" (my emphasis):

Legend has it that in 1963, teachers from Fenwick brought more than just Dominican education down South.

“The (Fenwick) priests 50 years ago put all of that stuff in their suitcase and brought it with them,” Bishop Lynch president Ed Leyden said.

In 1963, nine Dominican friars from Fenwick and eight Dominican sisters from Sinsinawa, Wis., left the Midwest to teach at Bishop Lynch in Texas. Launched with an original enrollment of 300 freshmen and sophomores, it’s now now the largest four-year private high school in the state.

“We brought a lot, but maybe too much,” said the Rev. Richard LaPata, one of the founding priests. “I’m glad that despite the similarities, Bishop Lynch has established its own identity and has done quite well down there.”

As part of its anniversary celebration, Bishop Lynch invited Fenwick’s football team to return this fall for a showdown under the famed Friday Night Lights of Texas. Bishop Lynch will head north next year for a rematch.

Sounds like it will be a great game!

P. S. Oh, yeah; Fenwick was 8-4 last year, Bishop Lynch was 8-5.

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