Friday, August 16, 2013

More from "My Road Home."

Saturday July 14

Downstate is a reception facility, its main purpose is to get me and all the other inmates "state ready" and be classified as to which facility we'll end up at. From what I'm told there are 3 different classifications, Minimum, Medium, and gulp ... Maximum. Of course my family and I are praying for minimum. As a 1st time offender, with a non-violent crime, I have a decent chance, I think. Another term for the Minimum facilities are "camps."

Yesterday I also received my lovely state greens. These hideous, polyester infested clothes will be the clothes on my back for the length of my term. I have been given heavy duty black work boots, 3 pairs of green pants, 3 short-sleeved shirts, all with my name and Identification number (07A3830) on them, and a winter jacket for the freezing cold weather I'll be looking at in a few months time.

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