Thursday, August 15, 2013

I ran a chart the other day...

...from Ezra Klein's blog which compared income inequality and political polarization. I wondered if another Great Depression, or rising populism, might reverse that trend.

I still have no idea, but at the same time, I noticed that the most liberal (I think) candidate in the race for mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio (above, with his wife and kids), has just taken the lead in the polls with 30 percent. (City Council Speaker Christine Quinn seems to have a ceiling of 24 percent.) I Googled de Blasio and found out that he's only 52 years old (a kid!).

Now, humor me for a second.

If de Blasio wins and does a good job as mayor (and some of his policies are pretty liberal), it could propel him to the governor's mansion in Albany before too long. And, as I said, de Blasio is only 52 so he has plenty of time to run for president some day. I know that's a stretch, but still.

(By the way, is that a modern-looking family, or what?)

P. S. Another progressive to watch is Elizabeth Warren, the senior senator from Massachusetts. If Hillary the Democratic candidate for president in 2016 should happen to lose, don't be too surprised if Ms. Warren makes a run of her own in 2020.

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