Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Wall Street Journal reminds me a lot...

...of Fox News; it's little more than a propaganda sheet for the Republican Party. One thing it is not is "fair and balanced." A good example can be found (or not found) in this morning's edition. Ezra Klein writes that:

The Wall Street Journal has a splashy piece this evening on the White House's plan B for health-care reform: a fallback approach that would cover 15 million people, do less to reform the system and cut costs, and carry a lower price tag. Call it health-care lite.

There's only one problem with this. As my beloved 90-year-old mother used to say, "It's baloney sausage." Klein calls it:

A vestigial document that's being blown out of proportion by a conservative paper interested in an agenda-setting story.

So instead of reporting the news, the Journal is trying to shape the news in the Rupert Murdoch style we've all become accustomed to with Fox News.

Oh, and the reason I didn't link to that Journal article is that I can't find it now. I wonder if they pulled it after Klein's post.

And that's why I've switched my home page from the Journal to Bloomberg.

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