Friday, February 26, 2010

I watched pretty much all of the...

...afternoon portion of the health care summit yesterday (I actually had to work in the morning!), and nothing in particular leaped out at me. The question now is, what effect--if any--did it have on the media.

Over the next few days (and perhaps weeks, but no more), the nation's columnists, editorial page writers, and television commentators will weigh in. If the summit changed any of their minds we'll know very shortly. And if so, they could move public opinion just far enough to give the House Democrats cover to pass the Senate bill. Then it would be up to the Senate to pass the bill through reconciliation and present it to the president for his signature. Although reconciliation will be messy, the heavy lift here will be in passing the bill through the House. Yesterday, George Stephanopolous said that the bill did not have the votes in that chamber. We should know very shortly whether they can be found or not.

Again, keep your eye on

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