Friday, August 28, 2009

How cynical is that ad above...

...about the Republican Health Care Bill of Rights for Seniors? Do you think the GOP is playing to their fears? Obviously, I have no control over the ads that Google runs on this blog.


Grant Davies said...

I find it rather cynical that the author of this blog still claims to have been a libertarian. That may seem like a harsh comment, but I mean no disrespect.
Here is an unsolicited suggestion for rewording your profile in the interest of honesty to the people who follow your blog; "At one time I thought of myself as a libertarian, maybe because someone or even several uninformed people described me that way, but I must admit that I was uninformed myself about what that actually meant, and I have now discovered that I actually never really agreed with the true meaning of that philosophy and have finally discovered that my real political and philosophical leanings are that of a liberal Democrat."
An even easier method would be to merely drop the references since the only people who really care about that kind of claim are people like me who embrace individual liberty, personal responsibility, smaller less invasive government and civil society, and who therefore find it offensive to have our world-view misrepresented. I am proud of my principles and prepared to defend them on any topic at any time. You should be equally proud of yours and defend them or not as you feel led.
The fact that you have a blog, open to all, is an invitation to comment on what is written here, but I have no desire at all to disrupt your site so I will refrain from further participation.
It is between you and your conscience to decide if your self description is inaccurate for any reason.
Good luck in the future, I truly wish you well, and I mean that sincerely.

MTracy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for your well-considered comments.

The fact of the matter, however, is that I did once value individual liberty and smaller government over the welfare of the country as a whole. But over the years I've changed my mind. And I may change it again; I don't particularly value rigidity in my thinking.

I'm sorry if this blog offends you or anyone else; that has never been my intention. I guess I'm just not as interested in "defending principles" as I am in pursuing truth.

Grant Davies said...

An excellent place to begin your pursuit of the truth would be right in your own comments. Once again you pretend that individual liberty and smaller government are at odds with the "welfare of the country as a whole". Whether intentional or out of igorance, there is no truth in that whatsoever. You would be better served to TELL the truth, before you pursue it. And finding value in individual freedom and being an actual libertarian, card carrying (?) or not, are two quite different things. The actual truth is, you were never a real libertarian and every day the statement that you were remains on your blog, you attempt to deceive rather then pursue the truth.
Anyone who reads your blog deserves the opportunity to reject or accept the freedom philosophy on it's own merits, rather than on your highly innacurate portrayal of it.
Again, good luck with the "truthful" people you support in Washington.