Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On Saturday someone tweeted...

...to me, No braving the elements today? To which I answered rather crabbily, No, lousy weather and lousy football. Can't really play under these conditions!

I had telegraphed my plans earlier in the week and felt vindicated when I turned on the first three games as they were nearing halftime. All three, Cary-Grove at Glenbard West, Prairie Ridge at Montini, and -- what was the third one again, St. Laurence at Nazareth? -- were all a snowy mess. You couldn't even see the field! The only thing dumber than actually playing under those conditions would have been sitting out in the wet snow and watching. That same guy who tweeted to me also tweeted, Where's the indoor football fields to host games like the ones today? And it's true: you can't pass under those conditions, can't really run effectively, etc. Games played in the snow like that are just not a good test of each team's talents.

Oh, well. Rant over. From what I understand, the later games, such as Loyola at Palatine, were played on clearer fields albeit in cold temperatures.

(The Loyola victory, 24-22, was much closer than I had expected, although it sounds like Palatine's last touchdown could just as easily have been called a safety on the Ramblers. No matter; Loyola won, as did most of the other higher seeds on Saturday. Maybe the weather wasn't that big of a factor after all.)

But I stayed in on Saturday and binge-watched "The Man in the High Castle" on Amazon Prime with my wife instead. (I give it about a "B.") And on Saturday night we went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. (I can't believe I didn't think of the potential conflicts when we got married 29 years ago!)

This week I'll be watching the finals on TV, beginning with Friday's 4A contest between two undefeated teams, Phillips and Althoff Catholic. (Should be a good one.)

Check back later in the week; maybe I'll have more to say.

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