Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I only watched the first half...

...of last night's Republican debate in Milwaukee (I recorded it and came home late), but I think I've figured something out. The eight candidates on that stage work for the .01 percent richest Americans, but are trying to either:

a) Make you think they represent you as well; or

b) Make you think what's good for the .01 percent is good for you, too.

I mean, come on, a 10 percent flat tax on billionaires? Really? They're still peddling that kind of thing in 2015? Who do you think that would benefit? You?

And these guys are against a minimum wage? As Chris Rock put it so well in the video above:

Do you know what it means when someone pays you minimum wage? "Hey, if I could pay you less I would, but it's against the law!" 

Ask yourself: If it weren't for minimum wage laws, how many of those jobs would be "unpaid internships"?

And as for all those "job-killing" regulations Republicans are always talking about repealing: Do you have any doubt that it's regulations that protect you from the worst impulses of other people? (I've worked in the business world my entire adult life. The only thing that holds people back from doing things they shouldn't are rules and regulations. Otherwise, it's just too competitive not to push the envelope of what is acceptable behavior.)

If you plan on voting for one of these candidates all I can say is: Congratulations! Because you must be a billionaire. Otherwise, it wouldn't make any sense for you to vote Republican.

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