Saturday, April 18, 2015

Paul Almond, whose television film...

...Seven Up! had to be one of the inspirations for the 2014 movie Boyhood (above), died at age 83.  

Seven Up! has to be one of the best movies I've never seen (but is on my bucket list).

From Almond's obit in the Times (my emphasis):

Forty minutes long and shot in black and white, “Seven Up!” examined the enduring British class system through the lives of 14 7-year-olds from across the socioeconomic spectrum. He can be heard asking the children — 10 boys and four girls — questions about family, love and adult aspirations.

Though the program was enthusiastically received by viewers and critics, it was intended as a one-off, and Mr. Almond later returned to Canada, where he had a successful career as a TV and film director and, in recent years, a novelist.

[Director Michael] Apted came up with the idea of revisiting the children at seven-year intervals. He directed the next installment, “7 Plus Seven” (1970), and those that followed — “21 Up” (1977), “28 Up” (1984) and so on — seeing his subjects through their professional lives, marriage and parenthood, ambitions fulfilled and ambitions thwarted. The most recent entry, “56 Up,” was released in 2012 in Britain.

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