Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nate Silver doesn't know...

...what to make of next week's elections in Britain. On Monday he wrote (my emphasis):

Nothing that I learned changed my forecast of the U.K. election, which will be held May 7. That’s partly because I, personally, don’t have a forecast of the U.K. election. Instead, after a less-than-brilliant performance going at it on our own in 2010, FiveThirtyEight has partnered with the three U.K.-based academics behind, whose forecast you can find here.

So what do we do? Fortunately, there's still Paddy Power and PredictWise. And, although both websites have the Conservatives winning the most seats, they also have Labour's Ed Miliband, above, replacing David Cameron, left, as prime minister of Britain.

P. S. PredictWise was right about Netanyahu. 

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