Monday, April 27, 2015

George W. Bush has been...

...out of office since 2008, so you'd be forgiven if you forgot that -- like a certain other George -- every decision he made as president, every instinct he'd ever had, was wrong.

From an article in the Times today, "In Rare Remarks, George W. Bush Argues Against the Lifting of Iran Sanctions" (my emphasis):

Former President George W. Bush said the United States must show that it can follow through on its promises, and argued against the lifting of sanctions against Iran during rare remarks about foreign policy in a meeting with hundreds of Jewish donors here Saturday night.

Mr. Bush told the 700 donors attending a closed-door Republican Jewish Coalition spring meeting that he would not criticize President Obama, whose aim to degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State he applauded. But the former president nevertheless offered comments that many in the audience viewed as a tacit critique of his successor.

Mr. Bush voiced skepticism about the Obama administration’s pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran. Although he had begun the diplomatic effort to press Iran to give up its nuclear program, Mr. Bush questioned whether it was wise to lift sanctions against Tehran when the Islamic government seemed to be caving in, and suggested that the United States risked losing leverage if it did so.

Like in the scene above, we'd all be better off if, like that other George, we ignored every instinct he ever had and did the opposite.

Stick with Obama.

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