Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Have the recent scandals...

...involving Hillary Clinton's email account and/or the fundraising practices of the Clinton Foundation changed the outlook for the 2016 presidential race? Not yet.

In fact, according to Paddy Power, Ms. Clinton's odds of winning have remained steady at 6/5 while Jeb Bush's have actually deteriorated since we last checked, from 5/2 to 4/1. (Marco Rubio and Scott Walker are way back at 10/1.)

How about PredictWise? Mrs. Clinton's percentage has dropped from 48.3 to 43.9, but Jeb's has also declined, from 17.3 to 16.3. (Rubio's is 7.1; Walker's is 6.6.)

So it still looks like Hillary's race to lose.

While we're at it, how about the Republican nomination? When we last checked, Paddy Power had Jeb Bush leading the field at 6/4 odds, with Marco Rubio (9/2) in second and Scott Walker (5/1) in third. But now the race looks like this:

Jeb Bush (2/1)
Scott Walker (7/2)
Marco Rubio (9/2)

Walker has also moved up to second place from third on PredictWise:

Jeb Bush (28.9%)
Scott Walker (16.4%)
Marco Rubio (15.7%)

So what's changed in the last couple of weeks? Walker has overtaken Rubio for second place in the GOP race, but Hillary still beats Jeb.

P. S. Wouldn't it be great to see Bibi Netanyahu go down next Tuesday after last week's stunt? Don't count on it. PredictWise has him at 80 percent chance to win.

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