Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is Chris McDaniel a blue state plant?

From an article in the Times today, "Mississippi Race Points to Appeal of Partisanship" (my emphasis):

“We try to make sure Mississippi’s voice is heard in Washington, is effective for our state and produces the results that you have right here in this state,” Sen. Thad Cochran intoned quietly into a microphone the same day, just down the coast in Gulfport.

Translation: If reelected, I will continue to bring in more federal dollars to Mississippi than my constituents send to Washington in taxes.

Or, as Marty Wiseman, retired director of the John C. Stennis Institute of Government at Mississippi State University, put it, “That was the contract: We’ll send you to Washington, and we’ll keep sending you as long as you watch out for Mississippi.”

Are blue states getting tired of supporting red ones? Was Mr. McDaniel sent down there secretly to change all that?

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