Sunday, June 29, 2014

I was at this pharmacy... the corner of Devon and Sacramento in West Rogers Park yesterday. (Long story; don't ask.)

(And it's always West Rogers Park, by the way, as opposed to East Rogers Park, which is known to the locals as simply Rogers Park. A friend of mine who grew up in Rogers Park and went to Sullivan said they thought the kids in West Rogers Park who attended Mather were rich because they lived in houses.)

Rosen Drugs is located on a stretch of Devon named after Golda Meir and is immediately next door to what I took to be an Arab grocery store.

And across the street was this restaurant featuring Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

As I walked around the neighborhood for about an hour or so, I saw several Orthodox Jewish families walking (to Temple, I presume?) as well as Muslims gathered in front of something called the ICNA (the Islamic Circle of North America) on California. I walked farther west on Devon and the street took on a more Indian (and Pakistani?) flavor.

And I thought, all of these disparate groups are living in harmony in this small neighborhood in Chicago. Is this a great city, or what?

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