Thursday, May 22, 2014

Whither the real estate market?

It's all over the place. In a front-page article in the Times today, Neil Irwin writes (my emphasis):

Since the start of 2011, prices have risen 33 percent in the San Francisco area, 30 percent in Miami, 24 percent in Los Angeles — and even more in some of the most desirable neighborhoods within those areas.

Wow! And yet:

In the once-frothy markets of Phoenix, Las Vegas and Orlando, Fla., for example, the typical home price is still 30 to 40 percent below 2006 levels, even more if one accounts for inflation.

Bottom line? It's location-specific:

And the cliché about all real estate being local holds; each neighborhood can have its own unique dynamics in the for-sale and for-rent housing sectors that must be considered.

And it's a big country, remember?

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