Friday, May 9, 2014

Last year, the top 25...

...hedge fund managers earned about two and a half times the income of all the kindergarten teachers in America combined.

Think of that as the election for Illinois governor approaches in November. At the Noble Network of Charter Schools, which Bruce Rauner helped start (my emphasis):

Noble has 526 full-time teachers making an average salary of $56,154 a year — about $14,000 less than the average pay for a CPS teacher.

Last month, the Chicago School Board gave Noble permission to open two new high schools in the fall. Noble wants to open nine more schools by 2018.

Or as an article in Bloomberg put it:

Organized labor sees a reincarnation of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who derailed collective bargaining for public workers and triggered a wave of anti-union legislation in the nation’s industrial heart. 

Public-employee unions are “organized against the public good,” Rauner said during a March 13 debate in Chicago. His antipathy toward unions is coupled with his support of charter schools that don’t have them.

Yep, that's what's wrong with America nowadays: teachers make too darned much money. 

Why doesn't Rauner just be honest and run on the slogan, "Elect me and I'll cut taxes on the rich and lower everyone else's income by busting the unions."

Is that really the path to prosperity, or a race to the bottom? Just look at our neighbors to the north: Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin is now 40th in job creation.

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