Saturday, May 17, 2014

We're moving out of our house... Glenview two weeks from tomorrow. Here are a couple of pictures taken from Lyon School, which is right behind my house.

Lyon was built in 1948, ten years before I was born. Both of my sons went there and I taught them how to ride a bike in its parking lot. When they were really young I used to push them on the swings in the playground after dinner. I've also walked all of our dogs around it literally hundreds of times.

The first, above, shows a group of walruses and a group of penguins set in one of the outside walls. The theme is repeated several times around the school.

The second picture is a plaque commemorating a Lyon student who died at age eight in 1977. (That means she'd be 45 today.) I've looked at this plaque many times and it always made me stop and think. I wonder if she still has any family in town. Does anyone at the school now even know who she was? Does anyone in Glenview? It must have been terrible to lose such a young child.

I don't know what that "DAY BY DAY" is supposed to mean but I always find myself singing this song from the 1973 movie Godspell as I walk away. Was it her favorite song?

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