Thursday, January 16, 2014

Liu Ching-huan, Taiwan's...

...oldest person, died at age 115. From her obit in Focus Taiwan:

When asked about the secret of her longevity, she would suggest to people to recite Buddhist teachings, which she said would add to one's blessings.

A longtime vegetarian, she also advised people to eat only to the point where they were 70 percent full.

Now, this bothers me for two reasons. First of all, not only do I not know any Buddhist teachings, but -- and I don't know about you -- I don't have a gauge that tells me when I'm "70 percent" full.

Second, and more important, why are we always asking old people what the secret to their longevity is? What makes us think they know? Couldn't she have just as easily said, "Walk a mile every day and drink a half-pint of bourbon"? Couldn't she have said pretty much anything?

By the way, here's my prescription -- free of charge! -- for living until you're at least 55: Choose your parents carefully and avoid getting hit by any buses.

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