Saturday, October 26, 2013

While we're waiting...

...for the playoff pairings to be announced, I thought it would be interesting to see how other states organize their postseasons.

According to a piece by Mike Clark:

Another possibility is to bring computer rankings into the process. If you think this can’t be done on a statewide basis, know that it is being done now in Indiana by stats guru Jeff Sagarin. Oddly enough, the postseason pairings are much less fair in Indiana than in Illinois; that state brackets teams via a blind draw. With an everyone-in playoff system in Indiana, that means it’s possible for two 9-0 teams — or two 0-9 teams — to meet in the first round.

And from Bill Andrew, whose son Dylan (number 12, above) played quarterback for Neuqua Valley and took his first college snap at the University of St. Thomas today: 

Just through following UST, I've picked up some info on the Minnesota high school scene. Interesting to note that in their largest class of football, "6A," they only have 32 teams, so ... all make the playoffs!  Somewhat similar set-ups in the lower classes too, where teams that are, say, 2-7, make the playoffs (going up against 7-2 teams).  In that set-up, however, the highly-seeded teams do get a bye in the first round.

Anyway, each state sure is different.

Now hurry up with those IHSA brackets, will ya?  

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