Friday, October 4, 2013

Remember that post yesterday...

...about the vet that recommended my dog take up swimming? Well, my wife looked into it. (Oh, no.)

Apparently there's a place not too far from our house called Carriage Hill Kennels. (I remember when they were building it a few years ago. They had a sign outside with a picture of a pool. At the time I thought, Is that for dogs? Little did I know.)

According to its Web site:

Carriage Hill Kennels is a full-service boarding and grooming facility that has been serving Chicago’s North Shore since 1961.

Okay; so far, so good.

Carriage Hill Kennels is proud to offer a state-of-the-art facility with friendly, highly-trained staff to look after your pets every need.

Wait a minute! What is this place, some kind of day spa?

From the moment you book a reservation to the moment our four legged guests leave, Carriage Hill staff's main concern is your pet.

Book a reservation? Sounds like the Four Seasons!

Carriage Hill offers the highest quality grooming and pet care in a safe and loving environment. Carriage Hill uses dog friendly, unscented shampoo and conditioners.

Safe and loving environment. Yeah, right. I can just hear the staff, "Get over here you mangy mutt!"

Grooming rates vary based on breed and size, hair length and specific cuts. Grooming includes the following treatments: bathing, brushing, de-shedding, nail trimming and ear cleaning. A team of professionally trained groomers are on site and available for consultation to determine what is best for each dog and owner’s needs. Please refer to the price table for your specific breed’s cost.

Professionally-trained groomers? Hoo, boy! And don't worry: I'll be all over that "price table."

What about training? Are you too busy for that? No problem!

Carriage Hill Kennels offers a unique and very successful 7 week long obedience training program. Once a week at a scheduled day and time you will bring your dog to our trainers, Bob Barnes and Jimmy Cocallas, and they will train your dog several times during that day.

When you pick up your dog later in the afternoon, you will get a private go home lesson demonstrating what you and your dog will be working on. You will receive weekly homework sheets with commands so you can practice with your dog throughout the week.


I finally came to the section I was looking for: swimming. Or, as Carriage Hill calls it, the "Aquatic Center" (above):

The 5,243 square foot facility features an 800 square foot year round zero-depth swimming pool specifically designed for dogs. The Aquatic center also features a window viewing area for guests and clients.

Clients? You mean ... dogs?

Our custom designed Aquatic Center features a number of services and amenities including:
  • Trained, supervised staff in pool at all times
  • Life vest for all dogs while in the pool
  • Year round aerobic exercise
  • Controlled, clean environment
  • Chemical free pool
  • Group  swim sessions
  • Private swim sessions
  • $26.00 for half hour session - Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.
The long time professional dream of Francine Barnes and Chris Cocallas, began when they witnessed firsthand the benefits of hydrotherapy with their own dog Denver.

“We realized that this was a great way for any dog to get into and stay in the best condition possible. Warm water relaxes the muscles, increasing range of motion and strength.  We wanted to be able to provide this noteworthy service to our boarding clients,” said Francine Barnes.  They were inspired and motivated to build a swimming pool custom designed for dogs.  “We have created a safe and fun environment where the focus is not only on the happiness of dogs, but also on enhancing their lives and physical well being,” said Chris Cocollas.

Call or click the link above for a personal aquatic consultation!

Personal aquatic consultation? You mean, "What time can I bring over the dog we got from a shelter that nobody else wanted?"

As my wife was reading this she called to me from the other room, "Should we enroll Stewart in group or private swimming lessons?"

"You gotta be kidding me!"

All I could say was, "Stewart better do well there -- or else he's walking home!"

And -- forgive me, I couldn't resist -- "No doggin' it!"

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