Wednesday, October 2, 2013

James Street, quarterback of the...

...1969-70 national champion Texas Longhorns, died at age 65. From his obit in the Times (my emphasis):

As a junior, he took over the quarterback job from the highly acclaimed “Super Bill” Bradley late in the Longhorns’ loss to Texas Tech in the second game of the 1968 season. The team was making waves with its new wishbone formation in which a fullback lines up behind the quarterback and a step in front of the other backs.
“Coach Royal grabbed me and he looked for a minute as if he were having second thoughts about putting me in,” Street said in 2012. “Then he looked me straight in the eye and said: ‘Hell, you can’t do any worse. Get in there.’ ”
Ted Koy, a Texas running back, recalled Street’s performance in that first game. “He was yelling about guts and pride and telling us to pull ourselves together,” Koy said in an interview with The New York Times in 1969. “Then he said, ‘OK, on two, ready break.’ Well, in the course of that talk, he forgot to call the play.

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