Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tonight's game between...

...the visiting Blue Devils of Warren and the home team Bears of Lake Zurich may be the first-ever contest between two BOWG high school football Names of the Day: Warren's Andrew Nickell and Lake Zurich's Noah Allgood ("Remember, S'all good, man!").

Lake Zurich High School opened its doors in 1926 and Warren dates back to 1915. And while the Bears, with an enrollment of about 2200, compete in 7A, Warren has more than 4500 (!) students and is in 8A. The two undefeated teams are both in the North Suburban - Lake Conference and -- what more can I say? -- this is going to be a heck of a game tonight.

I imagine that in the last 87 years these two schools have faced each other more than a few times. Here are the results from the past eight seasons (which is all I could find). As you can see, Lake Zurich has the upper hand (home team in CAPS):

2012: Lake Zurich 17, WARREN 13
2011: LAKE ZURICH 33, Warren 14
2010: Lake Zurich 14, WARREN 0
2009: LAKE ZURICH 38, Warren 14
2008: WARREN 17, Lake Zurich 14
2007: LAKE ZURICH 39, Warren 7
2006: Lake Zurich 28, WARREN 6
2005: Warren 41, LAKE ZURICH 16

As always, I'll be live tweeting the game @boringoldwhtguy.

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