Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good news! The Republican Party...

...Study Committee has finally -- after only three short years -- come up with a "replacement" health care plan. The bad news? It's probably not as good as the Affordable Care Act. From a post in The Incidental Economist (my emphasis):

The Affordable Care Act is intended to help people who don’t have insurance, especially those who are less than healthy, get it. The House proposal is intended to make insurance cheaper and easier to get if you are healthy.

We understand that putting together a health plan is challenging. Nothing good comes without limitations and costs. That’s true of the House plan as well as the ACA. But if you’re committed to coming up with a way to expanding coverage while preserving the private insurance market, at least the ACA follows an established model. It happens to be how Massachusetts did it. It’s how Switzerland did it. And it’s how the conservative Heritage Foundation suggested doing it in 1989.

The House is claiming it has a new way. But to us it only looks like a way back to the same problems that plague the system today.

By the way, here's a link to another good post from the IE: "Meme-busting: Selling insurance across state lines will lower costs."

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