Monday, July 22, 2013

There's an ad for Univision...

...on the back page of the front section of the New York Times today. It says that the Spanish-language channel:

...swept ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. For the first time ever, the Network's no-repeat lineup of primetime novelas, variety and sports made Univision America's New #1 Network among both adults 18-34 and 18-49, including men and women. In any language.

Now, even for a popular-culture illiterate such as myself (I'm only watching The Sopranos now, six years after its last episode aired), that sounds like a big deal.

(Full disclosure: my son works in "the industry," as they call it in Hollywood. He's told me that "winning the demo" is what it's all about in television. No extra charge for that inside info.)

I also noticed that Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa (above) recently:

...told a host of the Spanish-language network Univision that his speech comparing immigrants to hunting dogs was intended to be “complimentary.”

Speaking to a crowd in Pocahontas, Iowa in 2012, King had said that the U.S. should only allow the “pick of the litter” when selecting immigrants.

I don't think it takes a Ph.D. in political science to see how Republicans are committing electoral suicide by alienating Latinos, the nation's fastest-growing group. How come they can't see that?

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