Friday, July 12, 2013

Curtis Sliwa, the founder...

...of the Guardian Angels, compares George Zimmerman to a certain character played by Robert De Niro, above. (My emphasis.)

“George Zimmerman is Travis Bickle in 'Taxi Driver.' He’s a nut. He’s a complete nut job who thinks he’s on a ‘mission,’ and this young black man ended up on his radar screen, and then dead.

“Because I deal with the wannabes who want to join the Guardian Angels, I see right away what this guy Zimmerman is: a self-appointed guardian. It’s him determining who is and is not a threat. Forget laws, forget standards, forget the police.

Those trying to suggest [Trayvon] Martin was ... some sort of thug who brought on his own death because he smoked marijuana or bragged with friends about fighting, “they should impale themselves," said Sliwa. "Here’s a kid, goes out at half-time to get Skittles and iced tea, puts his hoodie on because it’s starting to rain, doesn’t say anything to anybody, isn’t eye-fornicating anybody, just minding his own business. He doesn’t have a M.O. He doesn’t do home invasions. What the hell are you following this kid for? Goddamn right he fights back. The same law that says you can stand and defend yourself in Florida—Martin is defending himself against a guy approaching him with a gun and confronting him.”

I agree with Sliwa.

I've read that there's no way Zimmerman is going to get convicted; there's just not enough evidence. But do I have any doubt that he's guilty of something? No. Remember, here's a guy who drove around his neighborhood with a loaded gun. (And I don't know when he took off the safety device.) When he saw a young black kid walking along he called the police, who told him not to follow Martin. He did so anyway and eventually got out of his car with a loaded gun. He approached Martin, got into a fight with him and shot him.

Now how on earth is that self-defense?

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