Friday, July 5, 2013

The Congregation for the...

...Causes of Saints has approved a second miracle this week in which they say John Paul II was responsible for the “inexplicable recovery” of a gravely ill person. The former pope was cleared for sainthood today by Pope Francis.

Barbie Latza Nadeau, writing in the Daily Beast, reports:

When John Paul II died in 2005, pilgrims held signs and chanted “santo subito” or “sainthood now” at his funeral.  Pope Benedict XVI sped things up for his predecessor by waiving the standard five-year waiting period between death and beatification for John Paul II to facilitate the process that allowed the late pope’s cause to reach the brink of sainthood so soon.

You have to ask yourself, which came first, the two miracles or the push for sainthood? In other words, did John Paul II perform two miracles, thus making him eligible for sainthood? Or, did they decide to make the former pontiff a saint first and then search for the two miracles?

P. S. According to Andrew Sullivan, John Paul II canonized more saints than all the Popes since 1588 put together.

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