Monday, July 22, 2013

Ezra Klein's blog had... interesting post the other day, "Six Crazy Ideas for Saving Detroit." I think my favorite was "Number 1. Eliminate all the taxes and regulations" (my emphasis):

Eliminate all taxes for year-round residents of Detroit, with the federal government paying the cost of the abolition of state and local taxes. Get rid of zoning, parking requirements, occupational licensing and other cumbersome regulations while you’re at it. See how many businesses come.

What the heck? Why not try it (or one of the other suggestions)? Detroit has lost over half its population since 1950. What more do they have to lose?

What if we tried a truly libertarian experiment in Detroit? If it worked we could expand it elsewhere. And if not, maybe some of the more extreme voices in today's Republican Party would shut up. (Or the rest of us could just stop listening to them.)

But, seriously, let's give it a try. This could be a great opportunity.

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Ed Crotty said...

OK - I will bite. I will open a toxic waste processing facility. The lack of "cumbersome" regulation will make this ideal as I dump it into the sewage system and it poisons 2 of the 5 great lakes. Oops!

The "truly libertarian experiment" is called Somalia.