Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Chicago Cubs are...

...undefeated so far, 2-0, for a 1.000 winning percentage. Go Cubbies!

Before I get too carried away, though, it's worth noting that the last team to go undefeated was the Cincinnati Red Stockings, who went 67-0 in 1869.

Who was the greatest baseball team ever? Well, in recent years you'd have to say the 1998 Yankees, who went 114-48 (.704) and won the World Series. The 2001 Seattle Mariners were 116-46 (.716) but didn't even make it to the Fall Classic.

In the post-war period the 1954 Cleveland Indians went 111-43 (.721) but lost the World Series. The Tribe was swept, in fact, by the New York Giants, who were only 97-57 (.630).

So what Major League Baseball team had the best winning percentage ever? The 1906 Cubs, with a record of 116-36 for a winning percentage of .763. Can you believe it? And whatever happened to those Cubs? They lost the World Series. To the Chicago White Sox. I can believe it.

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