Monday, April 25, 2016

My first response to...

...the news that John Kasich won't be competing in Indiana as part of a deal with Ted Cruz to divide the remaining states in the hope of denying Donald Trump the Republican nomination is, Really? You can't compete in the state next door to your own?

My second (initial) response is, This thing's over; Trump won. (I'll get to that one later.)

From an article in Bloomberg, "Kasich Fails to Steal Ball on 'Home Court' as Trump Dominates: The Ohio governor is not faring well in polls of two states that border his own." (my emphasis):

While Kasich still hopes to win the party's nomination on multiple ballots in Cleveland by promoting himself as the most electable candidate, his supporters offer a variety of reasons why the Ohio governor, elected twice in a state that Republicans must carry to win the presidency, isn't getting much traction -- even from his neighbors. He jumped into the race too late. He wasn't flashy enough or angry enough. But most of all, he's a pragmatic government insider at a time that voters fed up with the status quo.

I have another excuse reason: the GOP base is no longer buying what establishment candidates like John Kasich are selling.

From another piece in the New York Times on Saturday:

Sounding much like an infomercial pitchman on late-night television, gesturing with both hands, and practically shouting over a trumpet-blaring soundtrack, Mr. Trump rattles off his promises. Nine, to be exact:

“We’ll cut taxes for the middle class, negotiate new trade deals, bring back jobs, save Social Security and Medicare without cuts, end illegal immigration, build the wall, strengthen our military, knock out ISIS and take care of our great veterans.”

Now let's take these one by one.

Cut taxes on the middle class? Build the wall? Not gonna happen.

Negotiate new trade deals? Bring back jobs? Take care of our great veterans? Probably not gonna happen, especially with this Congress. Psst: Republicans will send kids off to lose limbs in stupid wars, but they're not gonna take care of them once they come home -- that's socialism!

Save Social Security and Medicare without cuts? Definitely. The vast majority of Americans want a safety net. Especially old white people who make up the GOP base.

End illegal immigration? Is this really a problem? More Mexicans are leaving the U. S. than coming. (And let's be honest: when Trump and the Republicans talk about "illegals" they're talking about Mexicans.)

Strengthen our military? What the hell are Republicans talking about? The United States spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined. (I guess spending more on defense is always a good applause line with Republicans.)

Knock out ISIS? It's already happening. The trick is to deal with the anger in the Middle East that's causing terrorism from groups like ISIS. And no one -- left or right -- has figured that one out.

As for Kasich and the rest of the Republican establishment, what are they offering? Lower taxes on the rich, more trade deals and immigration that crush middle class incomes, and entitlement "reform"? News flash: The GOP base no longer wants that. 

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