Saturday, April 23, 2016

Guy Hamilton, who directed...

...Goldfinger and three other James Bond films, died at age 93.

From his New York Times obit:

“Goldfinger” remained the shining jewel in Mr. Hamilton’s career. In 2010, The Guardian of London, cataloging the film’s virtues, wrote: “Where to start? The card game that opens the movie or the epic golf match in the middle? The gold-obsessed villain or the hulking Korean hardman? The near-castration with the laser beam or the gangster compacted in his Continental? And who could forget sexually ambiguous Pussy Galore, as essayed by husky-voiced, karate-chopping 40-year-old bombshell Honor Blackman? It’s a compendium of everything one loves about 007.”

Incidentally, Gert Fröbe, the German actor who played the title role, didn't speak a word of English. He just moved his lips and his lines were dubbed in later (at about 9:45 of this video).

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