Friday, April 29, 2016

I heard Chris Christie's name...

...mentioned this week as a possible running mate for Donald Trump, but I still think it will be John Kasich. The Ohio governor knows his way around Washington, would provide a much-needed bridge to the establishment, and his state is key for any Republican candidate in November.

Then there's this from Bloomberg this morning, "Christie’s N.J. Ratings Hit All-Time Low: Rutgers-Eagleton Poll." What would the New Jersey governor bring to the ticket? Another obnoxious metropolitan New York-area bully? Is that really what the Trump campaign is missing?

Look at this list from Paddy Power. Do you see anyone else who would make a plausible running mate for the Donald?

Carly Fiorina? Not now. Nikki Haley? Possible; might help with women and white suburban Republicans who don't like to think of themselves as racists. Marco Rubio? Trump already beat him in Florida. Could "Little Marco" help with Hispanics? Doubtful.

After that, the pickings get real slim, real fast. I say it'll be Trump/Kasich. Two old white guys: one boring, the other anything but.

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