Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Now that Jeb Bush...

...has all but declared his candidacy for president in 2016, we can pretty much eliminate the other two establishment choices, Mitt Romney and Chris Christie, from consideration. Also, might as well cross Marco Rubio off your list; can't have two candidates with the same backers and fundraisers from the same state.

(I'm still not convinced Jeb has the necessary fire in the belly for a race, but that's the subject of another post.) 

So who does that leave, Rand Paul? Maybe that's the establishment vs. tea party showdown we've all been waiting for.

P. S. According to Paddy Power, Jeb is favored, at 3/1 odds, to win the GOP nomination. Sen. Paul is at 6/1.

Pssst: Bet on the establishment candidate.

P. P. S. Hillary is still favored, at 6/5 odds, to win the whole thing. Jeb is in second, at 11/2. Absent a recession, it's hers to lose.

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