Friday, December 5, 2014

I once made a comment...

...about American history and my Scottish friend, Jamie, said, "What American history?" Touche.

But after reading the obituary of British politician Jeremy Thorpe in the Times today I have some sense of what he meant (my emphasis):

John Jeremy Thorpe was born in Surrey on April 29, 1929, the son of John Henry Thorpe and a maternal grandson of John Norton Griffiths, both of whom had been Conservative members of Parliament. An ancestor had been speaker of the House of Commons in the 1400s.

1400s? Were there even any Indians here in the 1400s?

Also, I just have to include the following paragraph, which is so typical of a New York Times obit:

He had also cut a suave, dashing figure, resplendent in bespoke Edwardian suits, thick gold watch chains and his signature trilby, a narrow-brimmed hat that he wore at a rakish angle over darkly saturnine features.

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