Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I try to keep the videos...

...on this blog as short as possible, preferably under a minute. I realize people have a short attention span (as I do) and probably skip over the ones I post anyway. But the clip above, which is only two minutes long, is especially worth watching in the light of what we've learned in the past week.

(By the way, beginning at about 0:52, just as President Bush says, "This government does not torture people," Fox chooses to run the news ticker, "Bush: We have a vibrant and strong economy." This was in October, 2007.)

Here's another video, which is only ten seconds long. (If you're reading this blog instead of working, then surely you have time for that.)

While I've often praised Seinfeld for its writing, clever plots and flawless execution, I never thought of it before as a font of wisdom.

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