Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Marlon Brando attended...

...Libertyville High School but didn't graduate.

Brando was at Libertyville from 1938 to 1940:

"I was one of the bad boys of the school," Brando wrote, noting that his status as a farmer further made him an outcast.

Former classmate Joe Sprey told biographer Peter Manso in his 1994 book "Brando: The Biography," that "as a freshman, Bud was as mature as many seniors, and by this I mean he was able to understand human frailties, bullyism, values. Many of the kids in our class had an agricultural background, and they were unsophisticated. So they talked about him as crazy."

Of that time, Brando wrote: "I always had friends, boys as well as girls, but I was anathema to many of my teachers and the parents of many of my friends, some of whom treated me as if I were poison . . . I was a bad student, chronic truant and all-around incorrigible. I was forever being sent to the principal's office to be disciplined."

Brando was later expelled from Libertyville for riding his motorcycle through the corridors.

Jimmy John Liautaud, founder and owner of Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches, attended Cary-Grove High School but didn't graduate.

After Jimmy John Liautaud graduated second to last in his class at Elgin Academy (1982), his father gave him the choice to join the military or start a business. Liautaud eventually chose to start a business and accepted his father's $25,000 loan to start a hot dog business, with the son owning 52% of the business, and his father owning 48%. He soon realized that a hot dog business would cost more than he had, so he decided to open a sandwich shop.
On January 13, 1983, the first Jimmy John's opened in a garage in Charleston, Illinois (above). Paying $200 a month in rent, Liautaud could afford only used equipment consisting of a refrigerator, a chest freezer, an oven and a meat slicer. Liautaud soon started delivering his sandwiches to the students of Eastern Illinois University.

In April 1985, Liautaud bought out his father's interest in the business, becoming the sole owner. He opened his second store in Macomb, Illinois and two years later opened his third in Champaign, Illinois. Liautaud later opened several more stores and developed a prototype before beginning franchising in 1993.

I didn't see anything about either of them playing football in high school. But their respective schools will meet this Saturday at 3:00 in Libertyville. As far as I can tell, the two programs have only played once in the last ten years (home team in CAPS):

2004: LIBERTYVILLE 13, Cary-Grove 3

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Bill Andrew said...

Patty and I were freshmen at EIU in Charleston back in '84. One of our favorite places for delivery was this little dive of a place called...Jimmy John's. It was a staple for us the next 4 year in college, but after graduating I thought that was it. Turns out a few years later there was one at WIU in Macomb...and then one in Buffalo Grove...and now, everywhere!

What a story. Still largely the same menu as back in the day!