Thursday, November 6, 2014

I'm still processing the midterms...

...but in the meantime, here's the Tweet of the Night from Tuesday:

Ben Casselman @bencasselman  ·  Nov 4
So voters want a higher minimum wage, legal pot, abortion access and GOP representation. Ok then.

And here's a good piece in the same vein from David Firestone, "The Tornado Election" (my emphasis): 

The clichéd term for what happened last night is “wave election,” but if natural phenomena are going to be evoked, the more accurate expression is “tornado election:” widespread destruction in weird, jagged patterns that are often difficult to explain when it’s over.

When a force that powerful is fueled by anger rather than careful analysis, it produces results that can seem irrational. More than a third of people voting for a Republican House candidate said they were unhappy or even angry at the Republican leaders in Congress, according to exit polls, but they did so anyway, producing a House that is even more right-wing than the current one.

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Ed Crotty said...

this post says how Democrats have walked away from their "brand"

Republicans want to "take their country back" - over and over and over they say it - they are not happy unless their tribe - of Straight White Christians is fully in charge.

Democrats have the melting pot of equality - opportunities for everyone - and have squandered it by kowtowing to Bankers. Bill Clinton was a great politician but he literally destoyed the soul of the Democratic Party.